A little bit about the man behind the beard.

I have been in this amazing tattoo industry since 2018 as an apprentice under the talented Shawna Talamante, an award winning artist.

My love for art goes as far back as I can remember and at 7 years old I was reading comics and trying to draw and mimic the characters from the pages. Soon, I expanded to the characters and objects that my friends would ask me to draw and color.


I lived in Santa Fe New Mexico, the art capital of the Southwest and had a calling for the art industry. With the strong support of my awesome wife and mentor I have been able to continue to move forward turning my passion into a full time career.

I work with many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylics, aerosol, woodworking, and even sculpture. I am always trying to keep learning new and creative ways to bring those mediums into tattooing.

I enjoy most types of tattoo art, but by far my favorite style is traditional. The big bold lines and super bright, saturated, colors speak to me as an artist.

Skull and Roses
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New Beginnings
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2020 Quote
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Sugar Skull
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Death Moths
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Korean Lung
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